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It gives great hope that my music will touch the souls of people around the world and share in my personal, musical journey.
I invite all musicians, songwriters, poets, vocalists & producers to share with me, in the dream and make this Milwaukee based label a local, national and world wide success……….
May the dream take a life of its own.    

Michael Armon (CEO) ArmonLegMusic    

It is really refreshing to hear something different and new. A little old school, mixed with R&B.
I enjoy your style in your music. I wish you all the best in life with your upcoming new music and hoping to hear more of you.
God bless you on your journey and bring something new out for everyone to enjoy. keep up the good work!    

Eric Jones

Mike is a creative and talented guy. He wrote all of the music and played every instrument on his debut album, Just Between U and Me.
I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of the songs on this album early in their creation, following along as Mike produced and tweaked and polished them to their final state. I’m impressed by the result. Just Between U and Me is an interesting blend of jazz, mixed with hip-hop and is not really like anything on the radio today. There’s a wide variety of sounds on the album, from intricate piano riffs to deep grooves backed by heavy beats.
There’s even strings, horns and synths. It’s an album that has something for everyone who enjoys good music. whether you like jazz or hip-hop, Just Between U and Me is an impressive beginning that’s definitely worth your time.
Eric Ward

I think your music is up lifting and it has a smooth edge. I think you have a gift and it’s great to hear good music.   I hope we get a chance to get together and come up with a sound like no other. I love your sound and I hope the people that buys your CD, will feel the same.   Peace and keep that music coming, my brotha.   (P.S. Thanks for the help and love that you have shown me)    
Curtis Cannon

I have known Mike for over a year now and from the first time I met him, he was eager to share his music with me. I would best describe him as a cool, creative, down to earth person. I have been listening to his album, “Just Between U & Me” for about 6 months now and it still has that smooth, crisp, sound to me. The album was mastered to perfection as my stereo system has proven. I have listened to the track, “Gangsta Jazz” probably a 100 times and I know I will be listening to it a 100 times more. The entire album is put together very well. I look forward to hearing new and crisp beats from ArmonLeg Productions in the very near future.      
Damian Galka                 

What can I say about Mike Armon and his music. Two words. Pure soul. His music is down to earth with jazz, R&B and classic music, all roll into one. I know Mike personally and I have seen him play. The man has a lot of soul and talent in his heart. With songs like Gangsta Jazz and My Moment To Shine. I mean, you have to know music and know how to bring it out, so people can feel what you are playing. Mike has that power.  

Much Love, Troy Broadnax a.k.a. BIGT

Я знаю этого человека 10 лет и должен сказать, что не так много таких музыкантов. Большинство из них живет одним днем и одной песней и это временный успех, а этот человек всегда в творческом поиске. Совмещая жанры и стили музыки он добивается самобытного и оригинального звучания мелодий и это придает его музыке особый шарм. Больших тебе творческих успехов в огромного терпения. Анатолий Экслер

(Spoken in Russian)    
I’ve known this person for 10 years and I must say that not so many musicians like him. Most of them living by the one day and by the one song, and this is a temporary success, but Mike is always in search of creativity. Combining genres and styles of music, he is making original sounding melodies, and this gives his music a special charm.   Much success to you and a great deal of patience.  

 Anatoliy Eksler (Symphony Band Conductor)                    

ArmonLeg, you’re a wonderful musician. You write, compose & produce…. That’s not even all of it, but you’re amazing at what you do. You’ve been blessed with a special gift, stay true to it. So Just Between U & Me, I’m looking forward to hearing more of your great work.  


Hi Armon…Pat Branch, here in NYC… songwriter and bass player and also a member of REVERBNATION. I was surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. “Isolated Moon ” is a great song of yours and I became your fan. Best of luck in your musical pursuits and on REVERBNATION.  

Your new fan Pat B in NYC SONGWRITER/BASS PLAYER ♪♪♪♪♪♪        

Michael Armon’s music is stunningly impressive…the spiritual element of jazz and what it does to your mind is readily apparent. The album, “Just Between U and Me”, is constantly on repeat in our house and I cannot wait for the next album from this amazingly talented artist. In addition to being a wonderful artist, Michael Armon is probably one of the nicest guys you would ever meet.    

 – Amanda Pfeiffer       

Christian timm“What Mike has done with his talents are simply amazing. Not only on the musical side, but the business & production side as well. He has taken a dream and turned it into reality. Mike’s actions and efforts have created beauty that is both mellow and vibrant. The story of his hard work and dedication is inspiring on many levels. It should inspire all of us to find that passion in life and go after it.” Nice work Mike.

Christian Timm    

Move over Phil Collins… Mike Armon is now the hardest working man in show business. I LOVE this album! Mike’s passion for his music is woven into every cut on this impressive first offering. And after getting a taste of his new project, I’m aniticipating a follow-up that will be as good or better than his debut. I was first in line to buy “Just Between U & Me, and I’ve already got my money down for number two… can’t wait!”  

William Burge (Photographer)             

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